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  1. Smith & Wesson
    I have a 9mm shield with a viridan laser, an am now looking for the best IWB holster. Note the laser has a magnetic on/off feature, so looking for a holster that will accommodate that. Have found several online, but not in stores. So would really appreciate anyone's input on good brands to...
  2. New to Handguns Area
    On previous deployment was issued a heavy duty riggers belt 1 3/4'' wide.. was wondering if this is adequate for ccw? (IWB holster compact beretta) anyone who has used this or have advice i'd appreciate it.
  3. New to Handguns Area
    hey i just got my CCW and havent even gotten my gun yet, lol but 2 more payments and its mine. I will be carrying a Glock 23 and plan on using 165gr Federal Hydra Shok rounds (any opinions on the ammo?) anyways im looking for the perfect holster. which to me would be something like a kydex...
  4. Authorized Forum Dealer Area
    My holsters are hand crafted in my small one man shop in Arkansas. Every chance I get it is a 2 man shop, because my grandson Jake, loves helping his papaw! I custom make each holster one at a time building them to perfectly fit your gun. My holsters are...
  5. Gear & Accessories
    I have a few items for sale for a Kahr PM9. Please PM me with any questions. I may be willing to give a combo price if you want to buy more than one item. Crimson Trace Laser: $130 shipped Includes spare battery, spare screws, and allen wrenches for adjustments. Click Here to see my ebay...
  6. Handgun Accessories
    Any recommendations on a quality IWB holster for a Sig P229? This is my first carry weapon, so I have little experience in holster shopping.
  7. Bersa
    does anyone know where i might find an IWB kydex holster for a 380 thunder?
1-7 of 11 Results