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  1. Glock
    I'm shopping for a Glock to buy for competition. I recently had the pleasure of shooting a Glock 17 Gen 4. Great gun and this provided me the info I needed to determine I want a Glock for my competition shooting. Little about me: I'm new to competition shooting. I've never done it. There are...
  2. Competition Discussion
    Thinking about trying IDPA and yes I plan on using my p226 9mm (sorry Glock fans). I have a Sig paddle holster but was wondering if someone could recommend something better.
  3. Southeast
    looking to start idpa and other competitions, and needing somewhere to practice in Gaston or Mecklenburg county, and the best ones to compete in. please help!
  4. Competition Discussion
    Shot my second match on Sunday, moved up a slot to 5th place overall, shooting a 95.66. I still came in first place and most accurate in the CDP division (5 shooters in CDP this match), as well as 2nd place for match overall accuracy. :cool: This was my first time really working from...
1-4 of 4 Results