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  1. New to Handguns Area
    I need a holster for M&P Shield for cc with certain parameters...any suggestions would be helpful :) IWB or BWB, needs to have some kind of locking for gun (in my work I sometimes crawl around)...as well as a possible strap or safety mechanism so if a child/student saw it and tried to pull it...
  2. HK
    Hi, New to the sight and new to HK. I am looking for a belt holster for my HK USP 9 Expert. Select seems to be limited. Love my Comp Tac International. Looking for something similar. Can anyone help? .
  3. Smith & Wesson
    I have a 9mm shield with a viridan laser, an am now looking for the best IWB holster. Note the laser has a magnetic on/off feature, so looking for a holster that will accommodate that. Have found several online, but not in stores. So would really appreciate anyone's input on good brands to...
  4. Beretta
    Hey folks. So I've been looking for a good carry holster and seems all the ones I'm finding don't accommodate the rail on the A1. Well that is unless I want to go tactical and have a thigh holster. Luckily I work at a gun shop and have access to lots of options to play around with. And I found...
  5. FN
    Hey everyone! I own a FN FNX-45 Tactical and am looking for a holster for it the can be mounted to the G-code RTI wheel. I currently own a blade tech WRS 2 duty holster and it's okay but i'm looking for something I can easily switch out with another gun when it comes to a plate carrier, battle...
  6. General Semi-Auto
    I carried a P-89 on duty for many years, retiring in '95. Gave my duty holsters to another LE friend. I'm now looking for a suitable concealed carry belt holster and have discovered the offering for P-89s is very slim and slimmer for lefties like myself. My question is what make and models are...
  7. General Semi-Auto
    Has anybody come up with a mount for your vehicle; that works ? Looked at paddle holsters and wondering if the wheel has already been invented! My thoughts were to drill into the paddle to make a permanent mount on the console by using a left hand holster for right hand draw. Have seen the...
  8. Gear & Accessories
    I miss-order a holster I wanted a right handed holster for my 96fs and got this: 1 Left handed Blackhawk Sportster Standard CQC Concealment Holster for the Glock 17/23/27. They retail on their site for $21.99+shipping This is the blackhawk without the button. it is tension retained only...
  9. New to Handguns Area
    hey i just got my CCW and havent even gotten my gun yet, lol but 2 more payments and its mine. I will be carrying a Glock 23 and plan on using 165gr Federal Hydra Shok rounds (any opinions on the ammo?) anyways im looking for the perfect holster. which to me would be something like a kydex...
  10. Arkansas
    Hello....I'm new here and have been having trouble figuring out how to use these sites. Anyway, I've got a new S&W 686 4 in. barrel and am shopping for a vertical shoulder holster. It seems the best choice for me might be the Bianchi X-15 from Midway, USA for about $125. Has anybody had any...
  11. Gear & Accessories
    Hey just wanted to let everybody know. I found a guy that makes IWB hybrid holsters. They are Kydex & leather holster. Similar to the crossbread holsters. I have two of them and they are the most comfortable holsters I have ever worn. The best thing is the price…..he makes a good quality...
  12. General Semi-Auto
    Hello Brothers, I currently own my Para P10 Warthog. She has a 3" barrel. My newest firearm to my collection is a Ruger P345 and her barrel is just a smigen over four inches: 4.05" to be exact. I would like to acquire an iwb black leather holster right side that can accomodate both of my .45's...
  13. Sig Sauer
    I just purchased a Sig Sauer P238 with a sig laser, what are some of the holsters that will fit the pistol? I prefer a model like the blackhawk leather askins compact (a slide holster) that I have for my Sig C3 1911, but I haven't found that style for the p238 yet. any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. CCW
    I made a pocket holster for my Ruger LCP using scrap leather and a sewing awl. Put a video on you tube showing how to make one. thought I'd share it with everyone. Pocket Holster -Homemade / conceal & carry - YouTube
  15. Handgun Accessories
    Just to start off I love there products. I got one for each of our baretta px4`s. But when I started looking for one for each of my cousins pf9s I couldn't find anything so I contacted fobus directly. That's when it all went down hill. I contacted them through there website and got a reply back...
  16. Competition Discussion
    Thinking about trying IDPA and yes I plan on using my p226 9mm (sorry Glock fans). I have a Sig paddle holster but was wondering if someone could recommend something better.
  17. Gear & Accessories
    This is a brand new Tagua Colt 1911 Govt. & Commander Leather Holster. I will cover the shipping - USPS. Email for pics.
  18. Gear & Accessories
    WTS Leather Holster for Ruger LCP without CT Laser. Holster is like new, I added a CT laser and can't use the holster. Cost is $25 and that includes USPS shipping. Email me for pictures or more info.
  19. Sig Sauer
    Does anybody have experience using HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for making a holster for a pistol? HDPE is like Kydex but maybe a little more rigid. I was thinking of using HDPE, but i'm not sure how easy it is to mold or if it retains the molded shape. I appreciate any help.
  20. General Discussion
    Does anybody have experience using HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for making a holster for a pistol? HDPE is like Kydex but maybe a little more rigid. I was thinking of using HDPE, but i'm not sure how easy it is to mold or if it retains the molded shape. I appreciate any help.