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  1. Beretta
    Hello Everyone, I need some advice and I thought I'd turn to others who may know a little more than I do. I purchased a Beretta 92FS recently and decided to replace the plastic components with the steel ones. After a bit of time and effort I managed to replace the safety lever on the slide...
  2. Beretta
    Can anybody tell me where I can find an APX centurion? Seems it’s out of stock everywhere. Tried to contact beretta but, no response. Tried Cabela Bass pro Green top And beretta Driving me nuts. I’m looking online everyday for one and emailing the stores contact. Any help would be much...
  3. CZ
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and new in the pistol-world. I have experience with longer rifles as a hunter but wanted to get your advice on which handgun to pick. between the CZ P10-S or M (the new Micro) I'm not living in the US and can get the M here in Europe however I'm not sure which one...
  4. New to Handguns Area
    Im trying to buy my first handgun, Im not exactly sure what to buy. I wanna go with a Sig .22 just not sure which one. I have done some research and found the mosquito has some reliability issues so I may have ruled that one out. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  5. General Semi-Auto
    This is the first forum I've EVER registered/signed up for. I've been planning and dreaming of purchasing my first handgun for a while. Im at the point that I can afford to purchase a high quality gun and I've done some of my own research, but before I pull the trigger I thought Id get a little...
  6. Sig Sauer
    Does anybody have experience using HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for making a holster for a pistol? HDPE is like Kydex but maybe a little more rigid. I was thinking of using HDPE, but i'm not sure how easy it is to mold or if it retains the molded shape. I appreciate any help.
  7. New to Handguns Area
    Hey, I am looking to eventually get a CCW, but at ths point in time, I would like to explore my options and perhaps get a few pointers to lead me to finding the best pistol for me.... I want a pistol that really packs a punch, but doesnt cost $1 per shell. Any advice would be appreciated...
1-7 of 7 Results