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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Check out Colorado Gun Trader, brand new site for local Colorado citizens to buy, sell trade firearms. Just established this week and look to bring in new members. feel free to check us out at the link below. thanks. Coloradoguntrader.com
  2. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    Hey everyone! I'm new to the handgunforum so I hope I am doing this right. I was curious to know if anyone had any stories they could share about having to use their gun in self or home defense. Or maybe an experience in which you wished you would have had a gun. Thanks!
  3. CCW & Open Carry Discussion
    New Gun Owners Guide. Armed! Concealed Carry and The American Gun Revolution - Part Three Article and photography by Edward Biamonte FIRST Time - Firearms Buyers 704 Living recently interviewed two nationally known, independent, firearms experts and trainers: Matt Canovi and Rick Allenbrand...
  4. Southeast
    Armed! Concealed Carry and The American Gun Revolution Armed! Concealed Carry and The American Gun Revolution | 704 Livin
  5. General Semi-Auto
    Is impolite to tell some one that they cant shoot my guns at the rang, I'm not talking about my friends i take with me or any thing its the other people at the range I was told Its rude when i tell them no. I just don't like strangers shooting my gear any one else feel this way?
  6. New to Handguns Area
    I know London has intense gun laws, but is there anyway I can get my fix here? I'll be here for a week. Any ranges here or weapons museums? Anything?
1-6 of 23 Results