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  1. Browning
    Selling a nice set of Hogue Kingwood grips for the Hi Power and Tisas Regent BR9. These are thin, smooth grips with NO palm swell, and they are in mint condition. I really like the feel, but I don't think they compliment the hard chrome finish as would a darker set (like black or charcoal)...
  2. Ruger
    Hello, Can someone help me identify two sets of pistol grips. The IVRYLITE set is labeled 24A - Ruger Bearcat. The White Pearl is labeled #14. Thanks in advance, Scott
  3. Beretta
    Hey, I have an 84FS and I was looking for narrower grips. Anyone know of any that will give my Cheetah a narrower profile? Thanks!
  4. Beretta
    Received a 92FS Compact for Christmas and I'd like to replace the factory grips with something thinner, if possible. Does anyone know of a grip manufacturer that makes thin grips for the Compact? I've found some for the full-size but nothing confirmed for the Compact.
  5. General 1911 Area
    This is a counter top material that I am trying this with. I want to make some nice grips that conform to a right-handed shooter's hand(sorry lefties, im a righty). I carved an exact replica of the government models' frame so I can attach the blanks to it and actually feel how they are...
  6. Kahr
    had trouble with finding a suitable grip for my own gun and my buddies,,,,i have the pm 9,,he bought the cm 9,,,,,,,,,,,,,found a great grip at a company called Qwik Grip,,,it is a stretch fit style grip and fit nicely,,,,not to mention when my hand gets damp it grabs,,,,,,,,,,,,so,if you are in...
  7. New to Handguns Area
    I inherited a Colt .45 Government, S&W .38 Special, and a .22 revolver. All of them have the factory stock grips which are rather small in diameter. This spring I had a bad bicycle crash and fractured the metacarpel bones in my right hand. The fracture could not be surgically repaired and I...
1-7 of 7 Results