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  1. Bersa
    Hey guys, My wife's birthday is coming up pretty soon and I'm planning on buying her either the standard thunder 380 or the plus model. The thing is, she's got small girly hands... nothing comical, normal size for a woman; but small. I'm just really unsure which one to buy for her. This would...
  2. Handgun Accessories
    I just picked one of these up for around $12 at a local store, for my S&W M&P 9mm, I LOVE IT!! It fits like a glove I have not had the chance to go try it at the range yet, but its amazing how good it feels in the hand with such a cheap (priced) product. I really love it, just thought I would share!
  3. Gear & Accessories
    FS - Several modified Pearce Springfield XD extensions that fit the RAMI perfectly, the cost is $15 each. These are grip extensions that attach to the Rami magazine giving extra/better grip. I will pay for shipping (USPS). Fit and finish is like factory. Please Email for pics and more info...
  4. Kahr
    had trouble with finding a suitable grip for my own gun and my buddies,,,,i have the pm 9,,he bought the cm 9,,,,,,,,,,,,,found a great grip at a company called Qwik Grip,,,it is a stretch fit style grip and fit nicely,,,,not to mention when my hand gets damp it grabs,,,,,,,,,,,,so,if you are in...
1-4 of 4 Results