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  1. Colt
    I purchased a Colt Python w/4" in nickel back in 1977 and was looking to sell it. Someone who claims to be a python expert said I have a gun with the wrong part on it and thinks I maybe had it installed. He told me since my python is nickel, the shell ejector should also be nickel (the part...
  2. Ruger
    Have a new P95 that I truly want to love. Problem is it keeps choking on spent cartridges instead to ejecting them. Also having many jammed cartridges. Right now, I'm more accurate with this gun, but faster with my little 5 shot .38 with speedloaders. Hard to think of it as protection when I...
  3. Colt
    I've been shooting my Colt Defender .45 for about 2 years and had my first mechanical failure. The extractor tip that ejects the shell casing broke off. I talked with a gun smith and he provided me with a standard ejector. However, looking at the original, it has a hollowed out (concave)...
1-3 of 3 Results