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  1. New to Handguns Area
    Hello, I am looking to hopefully purchase my first handgun sometime in October (maybe sooner). I am curious as to what suggestions anyone may have based on my budget (<$600) and current preferences. I prefer new vs used. I like heavy, larger frame revolvers. Looks like I prefer smaller, heavier...
  2. Northeast
    Hey guys i'm looking for an easy to conceal single stacked gun that won't break the bank. Any suggestions or is anyone out there trying to get rid of theres? I have a fair amount of experience with guns and rifles but never actually owned a handgun before.
  3. Glock
    Having touble deciding which one.. I want to stick with 9mm but I cant decide which one I want. I want the glock 19 because of the 15 round mag but the 26 conceals alot easier. I just dont know if I could conceal the 19 being 5ft 9 and 165 lbs. What would your opinion be??
1-3 of 4 Results