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  1. Glock
    Hello all. I've been looking for a good training aid to practice in my garage and so far what i can see is that the CoolFire Trainer is the way to go but the price point not so much. Has anybody used this system what is your input on it? When is was at Shot Show 2020 I had the chance to stop by...
  2. Ruger
    For all you gun vets that own Revolvers I have a question. I own a Rossi 971 with the firing pin on the hammer, I was wondering if it was bad for my gun to dry fire it and if so why? I have been trying to research but I have no clear reason why i shouldn't dry fire. Also Should I just but...
  3. New to Handguns Area
    Just bought my first two handguns and I am recieving conflicting information on dryfiring. I have a Springfield XDM 9mm and also purchased the SIG 1911-22. I've heard it is ok to dryfire the XDM but not the 22, because of center fire vs rimfire... is this correct?? If so, what would be a...
1-3 of 3 Results