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  1. CZ
    hello, so I've been in the market for a new carry pistol and found the Canik L-120 over at buds gun.shop and wonder if anybody has any opinions on these...or any of the cz clones. I know Cz's to be fine guns but they don't make any (to my knowledge) light (26oz) full size pistols. any opinions...
  2. CZ
    Hi there! I´ve been wondering have any of you tried to attach a buttstock to CZ SP-01 Shadow. I´ve managed to find a piece that I can makes a front grip from Mag (piece attachs mag to shadows front picatinny rail). Finding a Buttstock would make my day :) There a many buttstocks for Glock, but...
  3. CZ
    I have a chance to purchase a CZ75 imported by Action Arms in the early 1990s. I've heard it referred to as a "classic" or "pre B". I have also been looking at a CZ75B, which is basically the same except for the hammer. I believe I understand that magazine for the original CZ75 are slightly...
1-3 of 3 Results