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  1. General Semi-Auto
    I'm thinking of getting a Diamondback DB9LL, which has a built-in laser sight. (I know the DB9 gets mixed reviews, I'm not saying it's the best handgun out there, I am saying it's the slimmest 9mm out there, and for my purposes it's either the DB9 or a 380 "mouse gun.") Anyway, I know nothing...
  2. General Semi-Auto
    I have recently built my own AR-15 from scratch and am wondering if there is a pistol that i can do the same with. I know there are alot of parts around for the 1911 models but i would like to make something in 9mm. Preferably where i can buy all the parts separately and assemble it myself...
  3. Sig Sauer
    I don't know how to post pictures but I can send you to links to my latest Sig revamp. []Sig Sauer P229 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! []Sig Sauer P229 rt | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Sig Sauer P229 006a | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Hope you like the pictures. Its a great shooter. I did the revamp...
  4. Handgun Classifieds
    I have a deal brewing up for a different type of barrel and need to sell this one to support that one. The barrel was jeweled and crowned by Gunsmith Ed DuLarge of Houma, La who charge me $100 and the barrel is Beretta factory made. It came off a Beretta Brigadier 96. I'm selling it WITHOUT a...
  5. Gear & Accessories
    Handmade leather holsters made just for you! I make custom leather holsters, belts (cartridge belts and regular work belts), and even mag pouches and shoulder holsters.You can view some of my creations at the link below. Pictures by jessica83105 - Photobucket NOTE: holsters start at $30
  6. Handgun Accessories
    This holster was made for my Beretta Cougar. I used a Compton CA police badge for the carving. Hope you enjoy the photo.
1-6 of 6 Results