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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Many people are lawful owners of firearms. And if you are the lucky inheritor of a firearm in the state of California, it is your responsibility to ensure the transfer is handled legally - within the scope of state and federal laws. Interestingly enough, rules regarding such transfers largely...
  2. Southwest
    Lost in her latest romance novel, Lydia didn't notice her husband's return until he dropped a burlap sack on her lap. She glared at him. "What's this?" she asked. "Open it," her husband, Dan, replied. "It's a gift from my grandfather." Lydia opened the bag and looked inside. "Guns? He left you...
  3. Southwest
    I am thinking about trying to get my ccw only one problem i live in cali should i even try?
  4. CCW & Open Carry Discussion
    I'm having trouble understanding the new legislation Gov. Jerry Brown signed. What's the reasonable cause requirement? Is it impossible for the average citizen to carry in this state?
  5. Springfield
    Does anyone know if the XDM is LEGAL in California? I have talked to a few people and i get mixed results. Some say NO and some say YES. The ones who say no have been friends and/or dealers. The ones who say yes are also friends and/or dealers but they says yes they are legal, its the Hi Cap...
  6. Beretta
    I'm in need of some 10rd magazines so I can legally practice with my new M9A1 and I'm set on Mec Gar. My question is how necessary is it that I opt for the stainless mags which apparently are slicker than their blued counterparts, they're just a few dollars more but I have a feeling that their...
1-6 of 6 Results