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  1. Gear & Accessories
    I miss-order a holster I wanted a right handed holster for my 96fs and got this: 1 Left handed Blackhawk Sportster Standard CQC Concealment Holster for the Glock 17/23/27. They retail on their site for $21.99+shipping This is the blackhawk without the button. it is tension retained only...
  2. Glock
    I use this holster for my Glock 26 and love it. Unfortunately I bought it a while ago and didn't get this awesome deal: http://www.dealsergeant.com I noticed it has a time limit on when you can buy it. It appears to be a daily deal site. I will try to take down this post tomorrow but I don't...
  3. Ruger
    I was trolling the used section at the local gun store and came acrossed a 6.5" .357 Mag Old 3 screw unconverted model Blackhawk for the low $300 range. I bought it not even knowing what a Blackhawk was. I just knew I've always wanted a long barrel .357 Mag and this seemed like a good deal. I've...
1-3 of 3 Results