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beretta 96

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    Just bought my first gun acouple weeks ago and dicovered at how ridiculous california gun laws are, but aside from that im loving my Beretta 96, I bought this used off a website for a real bargin price, there are a few things im getting replaced guide rod, and the trigger they are made of...
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    Hey everybody, this is my first thread. Does anybody know where the heck I can find a new barrel for my Beretta 96 40 S&W? I've looked everywhere, even called Beretta, and nothing! why the heck is it so hard to find this barrel? thanks guys :smt1099
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    So i bought a beretta 96a1 .40cal, love it. recently i got a dud round and blew my barrel. i know rookie mistake, but it happened. After going back and forth between emails with beretta customer service and Brownells (the company they contract all their replacement parts through), i finally...
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    Anyone have experience with night sights on a 96 FS? How do they compare to the factory red-dot? Same question about the adjustable rear white-dot sights? I have a new 96 INOX, and I am having a problem focusing on the sight picture in my local not-well-lit indoor range. Thanks.