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  1. Beretta
    I’m thinking about getting a Langdon 92 Elite RDO but I am unsure of what barrel length. I am not getting the Compact version because I like a full size grip. If someone has shot/owned both- or not, which do you prefer and why? Which one shoots softer, etc.
  2. Beretta
    Has anyone used both of the Wilson combat deluxe spring kits, specifically the Duty and competition? If so, which is preferred? I want to set my 92fs up as a competition firearm, but still be able to use it for EDC.
  3. Beretta
    I've been shooting a 92g elite LTT with the blacked out rear battlesight for a couple of months now. I'm doing ok except for more precise/longer shots because I don't really have a reference point on the rear sight. My elevation suffers if I don't pay very close attention. I'm going to use sight...
  4. Beretta
    I had a hard time finding replacement springs for Mec-gar mags so I contacted them and after 3 emails, I finally got my answer. Here it is in case anyone needs springs,followers, etc.
  5. Beretta
    Bought a brand new Ltt 92g elite compact. Went to the range and it performed perfectly with critical defense hornady, 124 fmj win and 115 federal for 300 rounds. Cleaned/lubed and carried it for a few weeks. Swapped the bobbed hammer for the elite skel hammer and put in a new std power Wolff...
  6. Beretta
    I recently purchased an early beretta 92 with the heel magazine release. Looks to be in at least 98% condition and unfired. Has the step down on the slide. The bluing is deep and amazing. How many were imported? How many had the step down in the slide? Has a beretta gun case but doubt it's...
  7. Beretta
    I just ordered a spare 92FS barrel from Beretta so that I could have a dedicated suppressor barrel. I need to send it to machine shop to be threaded, but did not want to send it with the locking block. When I attempted to remove the locking block, I found it impossible. I am aware of the proper...
  8. Authorized Forum Dealer Area
    For Year Beretta's Official Suppliers now is offered to dealers too BER-A1 - Under barrel Beretta 92F rail system Quickly adds Picatinny rail to your handgun Maximize pistol versatility by fitting light or laser equipment Clamps onto the trigger guard area providing stability of the mounted...
  9. New to Handguns Area
    Hello everyone, Please excuse my naivety, but I confess I know absolutely nothing about hand guns. I am currently writing a short story involving a kid in a rather messed-up world and was wondering if a kid is strong enough to pull the trigger of a semi-auto pistol or even maybe a revolver...
  10. Handgun Classifieds
    Hi, I am looking to buy another Beretta Elite II 9mm. Please email me if you have one for sale. Thank You [email protected]
  11. Beretta
    I took a cheap 30rd mag I bought for like $13 and used some 550 to jazz it up. Marked off where I needed the cord and wrapped it. The 550 cord helped with movement in the mag and is now very tight. You do need to slap it to lock. Falls freely with mag release. Haven't taken it to the range yet...
  12. Beretta
    I have an old Beretta 92f no rails and I'm wanting to put a TLR-1 on it. I know that there are options for aftermarket rails such as the tick but my main concern is using this gun, w/ light attached, with a Safariland duty holster. I was wondering if the gun would still fit in the 92 model...
1-12 of 12 Results