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  1. Central US
    My colleague and I are arguing about a fluted barrel on pistols whether it does anything or not. Background, he's a mechanical engineer, I spend way too much money on defense equipment and we are working on a race gun build based on either a g34 or 17L. My argument is that on a pistol it is...
  2. Handgun Classifieds
    I have a stainless steel threaded barrel for a 92fs (9mm). The barrel is by silencerco, I just got it about a month ago and originally wanted to throw a compensator on my gun. However, I found a rail mounted compensator so I do not need the barrel. It has never been used before. I would be...
  3. Gear & Accessories
    Hey guys, so I recently bought a silencerco 9mm threaded barrel for a my 92fs inox that I am attempting to build. I had bought the barrel to throw a compensator on there, as my states dont allow supressors sadly. Long story short, I found a compensator that attaches to the rail (Ricks sgs style...
  4. Smith & Wesson
    Underneath is my barrel, how can i remove the factory blueing, then polish to a chrome to mirror finish? I think the barrel is stainless steel. I am a beginner, and am looking for help. Thanks in advanced.
  5. Smith & Wesson
    hello, i wanted to polish the barrel of my M&P 40 from the factory matte black it comes in to chrome/mirror finish. I bought my gun about a month ago so it is still pretty new and have only put 150 rounds through it. I am a beginner. I am simply looking for some help and guidance. :mrgreen: I...
  6. Handgun Classifieds
    I have a deal brewing up for a different type of barrel and need to sell this one to support that one. The barrel was jeweled and crowned by Gunsmith Ed DuLarge of Houma, La who charge me $100 and the barrel is Beretta factory made. It came off a Beretta Brigadier 96. I'm selling it WITHOUT a...
  7. Beretta
    I am curious if any one has replaced their .40 barrel with a 9mm. they sell for 230$ and I might just buy a new gun for that price, but I would really like to stick with my gun. I am also wondering how to go about shortening the trigger pull. I have looked through threads and threads and must...
  8. Beretta
    How interchangeable are the 92 and 96 series barrels? I have an all black 96a1 that I would love to drop a stainless 9mm barrel into.
1-8 of 8 Results