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  1. Vendor Deals
    We are currently shipping next business day Have your ammo in hand before next weekend! PMC 9MM 115GR ON SALE $13.69/50 rounds PMC 9MM 124GR ON SALE $13.98/50 rounds...
  2. Classifieds
    I sold my 45 and have 500 rounds of mag tech 230 grain .45 acp ammo and about another 100 rounds of self defense .45 acp for sale
    $200 USD
  3. General Semi-Auto
    Hey guys. I have a Springfield XDM2 .40. I was shooting the other day and noticed this happening. Any ideas on why or how to fix this?
  4. Beretta
    I just bought a Beretta Nano and I'm having the FTE (Failure To Extract) problem. I went on YouTube and figured it may be the 115 gr. ammo I was shooting and lo and behold when I shot Remington 147 gr. ammo, I did not have any FTE. I also tried 124 gr. ammo and had FTE problems about as bad as...
  5. Northeast
    All things considered, what's the best range ammo to buy? and where from?
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I've been shooting all my life and in all that time my father only provided me with brass ammo. I'm at the age now where I'm buying and experimenting with different firearms and ammunitions. For the most part I buy brass FMJ & FMJHP. Now and again on sites like aimsurplus.com, ammoman.com...
  7. New to Handguns Area
    I have a Springfield XD 9, wife bought 9mm Luger ammo (she thought she was being helpful). A friend said I could shoot the 9mm Luger ammo in my XD 9, looking for conformation.
  8. General Semi-Auto
    So I have a rifle in 5.56 and a handgun in 9mm. Ive been seeing the prices for both types of ammo flex on the price side. Im just wondering whats a good price to buying both types at. Been seeing about .40 cents per round recently.
  9. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    Several different brands and types in stock and on sale now at HOOSIER HIT Fair prices and fast shipping!
  10. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    So most of the 9mm "target" rounds available near me for an average price of $15.99 for a 50 count box are the ones I listed up above. All of these are 115gr slugs with slightly varying muzzle velocities with the fiocchi being the highest at 1200. My question is about the slug itself. all of...
  11. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    I've used Geco Ammo in both 9mm and .45 ACP, and find it to be very high quality. Geco is made by the European conglomerate RUAG, which also makes RWS. I've read that the RWS bullets contain steel, but the Geco ammo I've shot so far, does not (I've confirmed this by doing the 'magnet test')...
  12. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    Due to the Ammo shortage the Conceal & Carry Network at Welcome to the Conceal & Carry Network (www.concealncarry.net) will host free classified ads for anyone that can legally sell ammo to the public. Use this link to set up your Ad... Conceal & Carry Network Use the Promotional Code...
  13. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    I just stumbled across these guys the other night and actually ended up ordering from them. Anybody familiar with them or shoot their reman ammo?
  14. New to Handguns Area
    Greetings, All! Newbie to the forum here, so please be patient. I've got a 6.35 and received .22 LR ammo for my birthday from someone who knows handguns. Didn't know they were interchangeable with .25 Seems wrong to me, but can I use them? Thanx, much.
  15. Beretta
    Pick up my new px4 storm tomorrow in 9mm and i want to buy some bulk ammo, probably 500 rounds, just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with any ammo? I have read that steel cased is not good, what about the aluminum though?? Found a decent deal on some fiocchi brass fmj and some magtech...
  16. Smith & Wesson
    Just got my permit, and just picked up a M&P 40c. Just wondering your guys' thoughts on the firearm and also what is a good self defense round and grain that you all are using. any input on cheap ammo sites or also good accesories like holsters or add ons people are using. any and all input is...
  17. Gear & Accessories
    I am getting rid of all this stuff message me if your interested. All this is factory new, never opened magtech except for the specified S&B, I have three cases of each 115 gr 9mm FMJ=$208 per case 124 gr 9mm FMJ = $230 per case 165 gr .40 S&W FMJ = $300 per case 180 gr .40 S&W FMJ Flat=$ 330...
  18. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of ammo i should get for a Ruger p345. My local gun dealer is selling 45acp ammo for 22.00 for 50 and 100.00 for 250. I didn't look to see what kind it was but i don't want to buy shotty ammo that jams and misfires. I'm not looking for really expensive...
  19. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    Hi, Looking for target shooting ammo for my next trip to the range with my new Bersa T9 Pro, I went to Academy to get some rounds. I have already tried their Winchester White Box (WWB) NATO (124gr NATO pressure (about 10% more than regular, but not +P) with a 100% success. They have Monarch...
1-19 of 21 Results