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  1. General Semi-Auto
    Hey guys. I have a Springfield XDM2 .40. I was shooting the other day and noticed this happening. Any ideas on why or how to fix this?
  2. New to Handguns Area
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a new pistol soon. Iv decided on either the glock or the smith and Wesson m&p. now the only decision is whether to get the 9mm, .40 cal, or the .45 cal. I want to hear your opinions about pros, cons, price to shoot, best brand of ammo, best grain, practicality, etc...
  3. Handgun Classifieds
    Looking to buy a Beretta 96FS INOX. Not interested in anything beat up, not looking for a Vertec, and would prefer it not be a Brigadier or any other special model. I live in cincinnati, Ohio, willing to pay FFL fee if needed. Send any pics you may have, asking price, condition. Thanks, CT
  4. Gear & Accessories
    I have lots of once-fired .40 S&W brass my dad and I collected at the range over the years. Mixed headstamps, some brass, some nickel. I'll sell it at $35 per thousand with free shipping via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail if you buy at least 2k. I've got at least 30k casings at that price. Will...
  5. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    I just stumbled across these guys the other night and actually ended up ordering from them. Anybody familiar with them or shoot their reman ammo?
  6. Smith & Wesson
    Just got my permit, and just picked up a M&P 40c. Just wondering your guys' thoughts on the firearm and also what is a good self defense round and grain that you all are using. any input on cheap ammo sites or also good accesories like holsters or add ons people are using. any and all input is...
  7. Beretta
    So i bought a beretta 96a1 .40cal, love it. recently i got a dud round and blew my barrel. i know rookie mistake, but it happened. After going back and forth between emails with beretta customer service and Brownells (the company they contract all their replacement parts through), i finally...
  8. Handgun Classifieds
    quality 380. TAURUS has less than 50 rounds put through, flawlessly I may add. Am not interested in a Ruger or any other poly gun,, age and usage [amount of] is insignificant but would prefer a steel/metal gun. If it's newer and interesting I may well be interested, the Tausus 40 was a Christmas...
  9. General Semi-Auto
    I just saw an ad for a S&W SD9 and it looks alot like the Sigma series except it comes with a standard rail, night sights, a rounded mag and a slighly revamped look. Is anybody familiar with these? HERE they are on the S&W site.
1-10 of 10 Results