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  1. HK
    Greetings, I have a few pistol magazines that I no longer need. Items are nearly new/ barely used: - H&K UPS .40 S&W polymer magazines [these run $40+ each new ... } 2 - 10 rd MFR #: 214854S ($30 each) 2 - 13 rd MFR #: 214097S ($30 each) SOLD ***Note - These items are...
  2. General Semi-Auto
    I am new to this. I turn 21 pretty soon and am in the market for a pistol, but i can not really decide what brand to get. let alone which caliber. I am looking for a personal/home defense gun (ccw) that will be fun to take to the range. price is not a problem although i am not looking to spend...
  3. Sig Sauer
    So after and adventure at the gun shop today i places a P226 in .40 S&W on lay-away I did so because the price was just right 550$ (used ). i'm posting this because all the other Sigs I've have shot have all had decockers and what i would call a standard hammer. the one i put on lay-away had a...
  4. Sig Sauer
    hey everyone looking for info about the 229/239/250 i also am looking for a trade if anyone is interested i have the m&p .40 with galco leather holster with snap top and have the box and all info my gun only has 300 rounds through it. thanks if interrested my email is [email protected]
  5. General Semi-Auto
    Hello everyone, Im fairly new to the gun world and the forums. A lil briefing on my experience well not quit but some what. I am interested in owning my 1st hand gun. I have shot a .380 auto and .45 at the range. I recently went and had a blast. I am mainly self educated on gun safety via...
  6. New to Handguns Area
    For my first gun I was thinking a S&W M&P40c I basically tried every gun in the case at my LGS and it just felt right. I've done a lot of research on these and they seem like great guns. The one they had was used and they wanted $425 for it. Is that a fair price or should I spend a little more...
  7. Southwest
    Hi all. I picked up my first handgun this week, an M&P 40. I have only shot it once, and it feels oh so sweet! I think I would like to get involved (eventually) in competition shooting. I don't know where to find the info on specific training sites or course sites in northern Co. I would also...
  8. Handgun Photo Gallery
    My new Glock 22C .40 S&W
1-8 of 8 Results