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  1. Smith & Wesson
    Just purchased a beautiful K-38 Combat Masterpiece model 15-3. It's blued with a 4" barrel. My question is, can I fire +P ammo through it safely?
  2. Smith & Wesson
    I can't post image!!!
  3. Smith & Wesson
    I can't seem to pinpoint the right speed loader for my little snub nose model 638. I saw one pictured in the photo thread and PM'd the owner but he hasn't responded. Can anyone help me out?
  4. General Revolver Area
    I've been looking for a good snubnose revolver to carry concealed as a BUG on my ankle. While I am a big fan of autos (my main concealed carry is a Glock 23 and is one of my favorite guns), I would prefer a revolver as a backup because of their reliability and simplicity. Ideally, I would like...
  5. General Revolver Area
    I have an older Charter Arms .38, likely early 1980s. Can this handle +P ammunition? What defensive ammunition do you recommend for this revolver?
1-5 of 5 Results