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  1. Ruger
    For all you gun vets that own Revolvers I have a question. I own a Rossi 971 with the firing pin on the hammer, I was wondering if it was bad for my gun to dry fire it and if so why? I have been trying to research but I have no clear reason why i shouldn't dry fire. Also Should I just but...
  2. General Semi-Auto
    I recently ordered a Springfield XD40 and a Rossi 971 4in .357 blued.:smt082 My GF doesnt want to hear about it so I figured I had to tell someone! I wanted a carry pistol but i felt it would be better to get the full size service xd. Will that be to big to conceal? (I live in Minnesota where it...
  3. General Revolver Area
    on monday I'm going to more than likely get a charter arms 357 snub nose. It's new. any thoughts or opinions on charter arms revolvers (value, accuracy, reliability etc) or their 357s in particular? (on a side note and I know it's not a handgun, but I'm also going to get a chinese sks and anyone...
  4. General Revolver Area
    I'm looking at some double action rugers and am debating on whether to get them in 45lc or the 357 magnum. which one is more powerful and is the difference a big difference or is it insignificant?
  5. Handloading & Reloading
    Just wanted to give a quick thumbs up for SNS casting. Bullets I had purchased a box of 38/357 158gr RNFP from a LGS and was very impressed with the way they were packaged, the appearance of the bullets and how well they shot. I had to order more directly from SNS as the LGS had been out for a...
1-5 of 5 Results