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  1. New to Handguns Area
    ...and about 10 trips to the range (God knows how many rounds... I shoot it til I realize I've shot too much for my budget) I enjoy shooting my .40 Glock 22 gen2 the most. Its competition is: My S&W SD9VE (Apex springs & trigger) which was my very first gun. I didn't dislike the trigger until...
  2. Taurus
    Hello, this is my first post at handgunforum so I'm going to start by saying that this gun only cost me 269.00 OTD and it's Brand New . it's importand to say it because it was the main reason for me to buy it.The case is alright, nothing to brag about, it came with 2 magazines, a cleaning...
  3. Taurus
    I don't see a thread here on the 24/7 OSS so I decided to post one. I baught one a little over a year ago and I like it. It is the .45 version and holds 12 rounds in the double stack magazine. Hundreds of rounds through it with little problems. Occasionaly cheap ammo will hang in the...
1-3 of 3 Results