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    CCW in Wisconsin

    It's time to Dump Doyle!

    Check the GlockTalk thread on the subject if you haven't done so!

    Click--> Mark Green for Governor

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    Thanks for the support from a great friend in the nice state next door!

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    I've been telling as many people as possible and spreading the word. When Green gets elected only IL will be with out CCW permits.

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    Voting Green ASAP then!

    You know, as far as I can tell, WI has no state law forbiding open carry, just concealment... Correct me if need be, but I just can't find it...

    WI laws suck!

    In WI, a gun LOCKED in the glove box is considered carrying concealed, if you are in the car...

    "Going armed does not require going anywhere..." is on the books.

    A pistol plainly sitting on the seat of your car, but not readily visable from the outside is considered a concealed weapon.

    I even looked into getting hired on as a part time licensed private investigator, to get a "pass" on the CCW laws.

    I lived in GA and TN before this, and both had CCW permits available. TN was expensive as hell, but it could be done... GA, back in the day, ended up a little under $100. OK, waaaay back in the day...

    We need CCW in WI. I stopped for gas in the wrong part of Milwaukee near dark, and before I could pump the tank full, I had been approached three times for hand outs. Any one of the three could have been desperate enough to harm my family or I.

    That was the last time...

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    Doyle got to go

    Lately Doyle has made the western part of the state his stomping grounds,
    and we dont like it..

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    As much as i would love to see Doyle defeated, I do not see how it can be done. There are simply too many liberals with too much money in this state.

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    I just came in here to say how much I hate that man.

    That is all...

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    He is still there and still a d*******. Carry on. As you were.
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