School Project, information on Walther....

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      School Project, information on Walther....

      For my International Economy class we have to create or expand a company. I was thinking about a report on why Walther should drop S&W and just build a factory here.
      The premise being look at the Austrian manufacture Glock. Huge success. Why not here?
      So I need articles on Walther. but they all appear in German.
      If anyone can shoot me a link to a reputable article online about Walther as a company, or on international gun companies in American.

      Anything that is pretty current and not a blog, or forum....

      Maybe this will be impossible.

      Thanks for any help!

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      No direct help, but I might be able to make a suggestion on the language barrier.

      When you use Google to search for web stuff, if it comes up in a foreign language they will provide a link right next to the original link that says [Translate this page].

      Google also has a written language translator here:
      You can just highlight/copy/paste text into the box, and then select the translation language needed.

      Hope this was helpful.

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      PM Uncut - he is a member here, but moderates on the Walther Forum - he knows so, so much about the company.

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