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    Here's their response...

    "There has only been small quantities shipped.
    Have your dealer check with RSR or Camfour"

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    I agree with your original post. I purchased a new 9mm P99 in May 2002 for $550.00. I still have it. It is so accurate and reliable I wanted to use it for competition sports. Anyone involved in such sports knows a trigger job is a must for faster "speed" shooting. I've checked with local gunsmiths and posted the question on gunsites. No one seems to do such upgrades to the P99. Walther certainly has no plans for a designed auto to use in competitions; which is one of the best ways to advertise their product line. Having tried to contact (by letter) the president, production manager and quality control of S&W on another issue and never receiving an answer from either one, could be taken as a sign as to the lack of concern with another of their product line firearms, Walther. We all know the more a company advertises their line of firearms, the more the public takes notice, i.e., GLOCK. I believe Walther is primarily of gun of Europe and not America and I don't see a big media blitz coming in the future. Besides, look at the government agencies here in the states that carry Glock, S&W, SigSauer, and Beretta. Ever heard of Walther being used as a service carry sidearm? Nope! It's just we lonely individual civilian buyers. So it may be hard to find a Walther on the shelf from time to time. Come to think of it, I haven't seen any at the local large gunstores.

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    Wink You are gonna pay through the nose...

    But Earl's (the other Walther importer in the US) has the P99AS compact for $799.

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    The Rare P99c

    Hi everybody,

    For my two cents worth; if I was a businessman, which I'm not, this is what I think.

    1. S&W only imports the P99c and is pushing their own MP.
    2. The P99 and the P99c has good sales.
    3. The PPS has came out recently.

    Thus, I believe; S&W is ordering less or the same amount to help its own sale of the MP.

    Walther has been doing good with the P99/P99c; making and shipping more or less, people would still buy them.

    Recently Walther has been trying to push the sale of the PPS. If I was in charge, I'll push for more production of the PPS. I would flood the market with them and for those who give up waiting and buy the PPS; I'll be doing good. The PPS is only a bit slimmer but it carries from 3 to 4 rounds less than the P99c. If the PPS flops, come out with another 007 movie and produce more P99 and P99c. Everything in business is a gamble.

    Still I think the P99c is a wonderful pistol and since I have it, I have no intentions in getting the PPS. Hopefully, I've helped someone a bit.

    Good Luck and Good Shooting

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    wild cat mccane:
    what were you trying to say in your original post? you lost me somewhere along the line.
    anyway - I do believe that S&W is not a great company - I have never bought a S&W product!!
    I agree with others that the M&P is just another copy of the glock or the xd series- I also agree that G&A tv and the mag is partial to S&W.
    I own a P22 and will own a PPS when I see one - if S&W ruins walther or we the customers see that they are about to ruin Walther then i believe their sales will go down the tubes except for their great magnum revolvers

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