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Thread: Pps?

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    Smile Pps?

    Anything new on when we can get our grubby hands on them?In the meantime anyone know how to get a P99c AS model out there in 9mm?Why are those two so hard to get. PPK/S aren'
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    t that cheap either if you can find them.

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    Last time I checked (about 3 weeks ago) my dealer in Springfield Missouri had a P99c A/S for $485.00. I'll check again in a couple of days to see if he still has it.

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    I called Walther and the rep told me that the P99 compact AS are on backorder from Germany till Sept..

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    re: PPS?

    Wish I knew. My FFL dealer presumably has one coming with my name on it, as soon as they are available. Last I heard was sometime in July, but don't know if that's still true. If you don't mind buying online, try either gunbroker, gunsamerica or auctionarms for a P99C AS. I know Ive seen them but didn't pay much attention. Good luck!

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    I called Walther USA customer support. Whoever it was on the other end told me no PPS until "the end of the summer."


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    Quote Originally Posted by twaner;74297[U
    In the meantime anyone know how to get a P99c AS model out there in 9mm?[/U]
    This guy shows to have them in stock: http://www.bigskyguns.com/cart.cgi?g...09&child=14672

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    Well, Walther USA just released info stating that there will be a limited edition of 999 with some extra goodies coming out soon. I saw the page yesterday but can't find the link now.

    Still not sure WHEN.

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    Waltheramerica has updated their webpage a week or two back....
    the PPS is listed but yet not at dealers or distributors
    the "first edition" comes in a special case, different frame color, special serial range (PPS001-999) and all 3 mags where the regular PPS comes with only 2 mags from what I understand

    I have placed a preorder with my dealer @ $579.99 for the first edition

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