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Thread: Diet of P22

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    Diet of P22

    I just bought a brick of Remington "Golden bullets" Should the P22 digest these well? I have almost zero experiance with a recoil operated .22 pistol. The box says 36 grains plated HP 1280 fps @ muzzle. I wanted to get a form of plated bullets to reduce barrel fouling. thanks in advance. Can't wait to go give this little jewel a try.

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    In talking to the guys over at Rim Fire Central, RGB's (Remington Gold Bullets) seem to the choice of many... either in the HP or round nose.. I picked up a brick of RGB 40gr rnd nose to shoot thru my newly aquired P22 so I hope they are correct... others with more experience with the P22 should chim in soon...

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    mine seems to eat them just fine. Even the ones that don't fire in my 10/22.

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    I have two Walther P22s (and several other .22lr guns, as well) and I don't care for the Remington Golden Bullet ammunition. From my experiences, it is much too inconsistent in its performance. Specifically, a high percentage (5%) of the rounds seem VERY underpowered as if somehow gunpowder failed to be loaded into the case during the manufacturing process; they sound much like my pellet gun and fail to cycle the slide. Sometimes, they sound a tad louder and may (or may not) cycle the slide. As soon as my onhand supply of Remington GBs are gone, I won't buy any more.

    For .22lr bulk ammo, I now buy the Federal Value Pack of 550 rounds from Wal-Mart for approx. $10 and am extremely satisfied.

    This stuff:

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    Mine shoots them just fine, but I like the Federals better. I haven't had any problems with any of the ammo I have run through my P22.

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