My First Walther (P22)

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      My First Walther (P22)

      I picked this up at the Indy 1500 Gun show on Friday. I was on a limited budget this show and thought this was an ok deal for $235. It was between this and a mosin M44. I wanted something fun and cheap to shoot. I know that it is probably not the most accurate but I think it is one of the cooler looking 22s. I put about 200 rounds through it and I thought it preformed well. It did have a few minor hic-ups but I think that is was due mostly to the ammo. (bulk Remington)

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      i think my next handgun might be one of these also...looks good!

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      My P22 is very accuracte and eats any ammo. They are fun shooters. Good buy!

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      If you dont like that green frame housing, I have a new black one I could trade you........just a thought.......

      I need a green one to match its bigger brother...

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