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    Where online to buy

    Hello, after alot of research and ALL positive feedback. I have decided to buy a
    P99c but I want the A/S version. Where can I buy an A/S online? Also is the A/S version still in production or if I buy one will I be buying an older gun? Thanks alot guys.

    And thanks to you Shipwreck!!!!

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    Someone else will chime in here, as I've never bought online. But there is 1 or 2 people who are ordering P99s from Buds - a website that sells guns.

    If U look in the Walther area here, there is a thread or 2 about it.

    Anyway, here is the link

    And yes, the P99 A/S can still be gotten new w/ the new frames

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    bought mine a week ago from
    still waiting to pick it up at my ffl location..
    will brief u when i get it.

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    I've purchased from Bud's and from Got my gun from Bud's within 7 days. Discountgunner took a little longer; maybe 2 weeks or so. Bud's seems to have the better prices. Even with the $25 shipping fee and $25 FFL xfer fee I pay less than local gun shops want for Walthers and/or HKs. These brands fetch ridiculous prices here and are seldom in stock.

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    Buds like Ship said or you might try this outfit as I hear they got a good rep.

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    CDNN had some "factory demos" for $350-$400. Don't know what they have left.

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