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    Just curious, what training does everyone perform? For instance do you just slow fire target practice or do you do more realistic training?

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    My shooting buddies and I usually run through some standard practice drills, normally a variation of the Front Sight or ASAA defensive pistol graduation standards. These involve speed work from the holster, pairs to COM, head shots, speed/tactical reloads, etc. from contact distance to 25 meters.

    Then we usually move on to some box drills and snakes - these are movement drills with multiple targets.

    Finally, we shoot 4-5 defensive scenarios, usually with multiple targets, props, vehicles, etc. Sometimes we'll do the scenarios first, to get an idea of how we shoot "cold," without any warm-up shooting practice.

    We use IPSC cardboards for targets, and usually put old t-shirts over them for the scenario shooting. I have an electronic shot timer, my own target stands, and a wide open desert.
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    I try to do any and everything I can. Point shooting, holster draws, behind cover, non-standard positions (laying, sitting, etc.), advancing, retreating, moving targets, reactionary targets, using a knife or another object to transition to the pistol, shotgun to pistol transitions, rifle to pistol transitions, precision head shots, precision fast draw shots, etc.

    As real as a simulated session can get.

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