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Thread: P22 is kaput

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    P22 is kaput

    I took my P22 to the range Friday and put 100 rounds through it. This is the third time I have fired it with a total of 350 rounds. I clean after every session.

    The barrel is ruined. Looks like a nasty ragged gouge near the business end of the inner barrel. I noticed it was spitting a bit of hot debris near the end but didn't realize it was so badly damaged. This is the first firearm damage I have ever seen, aside from a few 60+ year old guns I inherited from my father, and even those weren't this bad.

    I knew I should have held out for the Ruger SR22!

    So now I get to experience Walther customer service. Any advice from the peanut gallery?


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    I sent my P-22 in to Smith & Wesson, who does the service on Walthers. They returned it in good working order, in 8 days. Call and ask.

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    Is it a S&W version or from the "new" Walther. If it's from the "new" Walther than you will have to send it to them to have it fixed. Even if it is a S&W, you may have to send it to the new Walther. I would call first.
    S&W customer service was quite good. Not sure what the new Walther is like, but I guess you will find out.

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    "Nasty ragged gouge"? How'd that happen? Did a piece of metal fall off?
    And which end do you consider "the business end"?

    What ammunition were you using?
    Did you notice any unusual discharges, noises, or even once a lack of appropriate noise?

    Any further information you might add will come in handy.


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