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Thread: PPS vs P99c

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    Question PPS vs P99c

    How much difference in size and feel are there between these?

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    U may wanna go here and ask... More walther fanatics there:


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    I do not think of the PPS and P-99 as being the same. The mag release is the same, but I think the PPS grip is different.

    Another difference is the width of the PPS. The PPS slide is thinner. Now for the weird stat. While the PPS is thinner the P-99 9mm is actually lighter than the PPS 9mm. The PPS barrel length is 3.2" and the P-99 is 3.5 inches.

    I am not sure how a PPS compares to the 2 different models of P-99 "AS" and "QA" models. The PPS has a quick safe feature many hate that locks up the PPS action when the backstrap's grip is removed.
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