P22 Overhaul?
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Thread: P22 Overhaul?

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    P22 Overhaul?

    Now that the SP22's are here to stay, any ideas from anyone if the P22 is due for a makeover/overhaul anytime soon?

    - Just wondering -

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    Maybe the 5inch version...

    IMHO - I don't think so. I think that the SP fills a different market segment than the p22. (6 inch match grade barrell, etc..
    The P22 is more for fun than serious competition.

    I love mine, but I don't think that it could compete with a Buckmark or a Neos or even a fullsize Glock with a conversion kit. You'll probably see less 5 inch p22 targets being sold though.

    Of course now I TOTALLY want one.

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    i doubt it
    it just came out!!
    and is selling well

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