OK. Shipwreck has done it to me. Now I feel I need to test-fire the Walther P99, even though it's a little over my budget.

Whats a wait of a few weeks longer if it turns out to be the perfect gun for me?

I'm heading inland the weekend of August 19th, and will be in Austin. I've contacted Red's indoor shooting range, and while they handle Walthers, they have none in stock, and none to rent.

Anyone out in that neck of the woods with a Walther P99 be willing to go shooting with me, and let me shoot their Walther?

I'm buying ammo and lunch, and I'll pay the range fee.

I can bring a Ruger Blackhawk .357 revolver and a Ruger P89 (9mm) if you would like to try either or both of these.

Respond here, or PM me if your interested, willing.

There are two Reds in Austin, I'll let you decide which one.