Drivers' license fees may jump to $100 under new law

(7/20/06 - AUSTIN, TX) - Texans applying for or renewing drivers' licenses could pay much higher fees -- and wait in longer lines -- once a federal law standardizing them takes effect in 2008. That's what a state lawmaker says.

Texas fees could jump to more than 100 dollars from the current 24 when the federal government begins requiring states to issue uniform drivers' licenses. That's according to state Senator Leticia Van De Putte, a Democrat from San Antonio.

The change also would eliminate online and mail renewals. It will require renewing motorists to produce Social Security cards and birth certificates in person at Department of Public Safety offices.

Van De Putte got briefed on the new state-issued, federally approved licenses because next month she will become president of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

While she supports many provisions in the anti-terrorism I-D legislation Congress passed last year, she takes issue with who will pay for it.

A DPS spokeswoman says the agency would not confirm cost estimates because it is still analyzing them.