I was at the Dallas Market Hall gun show this morning intending to sell a Glock 26. Not a minute after I enter the show, a guy comes up to me asking about the Glock and price. I told him my price and he countered with an offer about $25 less than my asking price. Since I'd just gotten there, I thought I'd check out other potential buyers. I stopped to show the Glock to my buddy and the guy comes up to me again wanting to buy it and waving a stack of bills. I asked if he had a CHL or was willing for me to write down his name and driver's license. He backed away and said he would buy something else. I was hesitant before and with his reaction, I definitely chose not to pursue the transaction. So, I continued into the show.

As I was leaving, I see 10 - 11 Dallas Police squad cars in the parking lot together. Being curious, I look over to see what was happening and peeked in the back seat of one of the squad cars and there is the guy in the back handcuffed.

Glad I didn't sell to him.

Trust your first impressions!!!!