Know anything about Hewitt?

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      Know anything about Hewitt?

      My wife was looking around on the Internet at various places to retire to, ETA about 5 years from NOW and can't be soon enough. She stumbled onto Hewitt, just outside Waco, and it looks like a pretty nice place. We would appreciate your opinions, good or bad, if you know anything about the area. e-mail to Thanks!

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      Spent my first 18 yrs. in Waco and lived outside of Hewitt for about 12 years later in life. Hewitt is OK (very hot in the summer) but I would choose to live further out of town (it's all town from Hewitt into Waco now). There is plenty of land West toward McGregor and Gatesville or South toward Moody and Temple. I moved to Kerr county years ago and will retire here. Much prettier, more woods, further from the city (San Antonio/Austin). Cooler weather and lower humidity. Just real nice rural folks. Very large retired population here. Just my $.02.

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