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    Tarus 45/410

    i hope the sell a million
    this is a great gun
    anyone have one

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    Just shot it yesterday. I set this target up, drove up and put the passenger window down and shot it 9 times. The truck started smelling great. Need to get air hangers that smell like that. It's a blast to shoot and I alway have it when I'm driving. I set it up with two #4 then two (3 pellets) and then 1 45lc. Leaves a nice hole.

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    I am not a revolver person but I think I may pick this one up. How is the kick with the 45 and #4? What length barrels are you using?

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    Waiting for the 3" Judge.

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    Seems inefficient to me, at least as a defense gun. The cylinder is huge, and .410 shot is very low down on my list of desirable defense loads (does anyone keep a .410 shotgun for defense?). I suppose it would be okay as a woods-walking gun.
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    WOW! I bought a 6" Judge a few months ago. I loved shooting it but didn't much like the long barrel (too hard for me to keep on target). So I sold it at a gun show and bought a .357 Tracker. I love it too but have never forget the fun I had with the Judge. Couldn't find the 3" in MSS anywhere.

    Then there it was at the Gun Show last weekend. I usually make the circuit, stop a few times, handle the merchandise, then move on. BUT, this time I had to circle back after handling that handgun.

    Yeah, you already guessed, I walked out of that show with my new old friend. Took it to the range yesterday but due to a thumb injury (don't ask) I could only tolerate 5 shots of .45 Colt, didn't bother shooting the #4 .410 I planned to plaster the target with.

    AND BEST OF ALL, it fits nicely in the bedside table.

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