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Thread: Taurus VS Glock

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    Billy, I believe the reason the new pt145 jammed is because the shipping grease was not cleaned out before shooting. Taurus ships their guns with alot of grease in them to prevent corrosion when traveling over seas. If that stuff is not cleaned out before firing, it will cause problems like you described.

    I personally have 3 taurus hand guns and I see ALOT of people bash them, most of it was because of Taurus' spotty quality control from 15 yrs ago and the reputation has followed them today. Honestly, Taurus makes great firearms.

    I have the following.
    24/7 Pro DS in .40 S&W, 2400 rounds through it. 0 failures
    PT740 Slim, 1200 rounds, 0 failures
    m44 6.5" 44 mag, 2100 rounds, cylinder locked up once because the primer on a reload wasnt seated well.

    Lets face it, There is no reason to really bash any brand besides the ring of fire brands.

    Here is a video of a taurus 809 with 1000 rounds being put through it, the uploader reported it had no failures
    Taurus PT 809 E 9mm Test and Review - YouTube

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    Glocks are indeed great guns but IMO are bricks. A polymer gun should be more light weight than an alloy gun. I am not familiar with the Taurus Semis, but based on my experiences with my 38 snubby, I have strongly considered one as my next purchase.

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    I got rid of my glock 19 for the pt709, Tho the Guns practically break down the same way, I had several issues with the Glock, tho my buddy has one and swears by it. I think it comes down to luck tho with anything these days.

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    someone tell me he's not comparing a glock to a taurus please. I have a taurus and they are ok but my glock23 and 26 are my #1 guns that goes with me everywhere

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    Never had a problem with my PT145 but my Glock 19 is my gun. Everything else is a toy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by recoilguy View Post
    I'm not trying to start a fight either but the way I read it and truthfully the way I still read it is

    I am a Berreta guy.... Glocks are way better then Taurus as a matter of fact they are way better then Ruger too.

    I was just asking for a point of reference to lend credibility to the statement. I realize there are always a bunch of maybe's. If your senerio is the case then maybe there is a credibility to the implication that Taurus and Ruger are both inferior quality handguns, I was just curious. I like there to be experiance or facts that opinions are based upon not just points of view. I could be wrong just saying what I read.
    Well read this:

    The credability of my statement is I've owned ruger's, they are getting better especially SR9's and their new .45, lcp, lcr, and I feel are on par w/ any of them. I've never owned a Taurus(a poor mans Beretta), many are on par w/ any of them, but some w/ problems. The one Ruger pistol I owned way back was a jam-o-matic, suffice to say, I was not impressed, the other, a Ruger mini-14 which is the worst firearm i've ever owned, reliable, but the most inaccurate rifle I've ever shot, how Ruger could sell that pos is beyond me, a $600.00 wall support, safe to say I'll never buy a Ruger firearm again. Taurus nor Ruger in my opinion can equal Glock's reputation, if reputation means anything to you? About every law enforcement agency has or has had Glocks not so many Taurus's nor Rugers, would you agree with that one and what does that tell you? Glock sells about 65% of the market share of handguns in the United States as well as supplying national armed forces, security agencies, and law enforcement agencies in 48 other countries, does that tell you anything? Look to see which firearm is mostly used in competition matches, IDPA, IPSC....etc, is it Glock, Taurus or Ruger and when you find the answer, does that tell you anything? Likewise, no military that I'm aware of has adopted Taurus or Ruger for it's military sidearm, Brazil maybe, and does that tell you anything? That may mean nothing to you, but it should and is my reasoning of a better comparison would be between Taurus and Ruger. Perhaps Ruger and Taurus pistols exceed or perhaps are on par w/ Glock, but if you judge them by adoption w/ law enforcement, militaries around the world and for competition matches, neither hold a candle to Glock at this point and does that tell you anything? If you see facts differently that's fine as well. Like I said, I'm a Beretta guy, never owned a Glock, but common perception and reading and the fact that all or most law enforcement officers I've seen in the past 15 to 20 years have had Glock's strapped to their side helps form my credability of at least which pistol manufacturer has more credentials, or as the word you like "credability".
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    That is kind of a way out there comparison.....Glock of course.

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    Glock builds/assmbles in Georgia. Read the book : "Glock" for an insight to marketing.
    Taurus has factory in Florida, I believe.
    Sold in the U. S. and made here also.
    Thanks, Paul
    check the book from your library, surprising stuff.

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    So from my personal point of view have a ughly gun to protect you.
    Quote Originally Posted by bayhawk2 View Post
    Money could come into play?The Taurus
    Millinium Pro series of pistols are pretty good.
    No real concerns.I have a Pro PT-111 9mm,
    and love it.No jams ever.The price I suspect would
    be a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the Glock?
    Glocks in my opinion are ugly,but very reliable.
    I would pick the Glock,simply because it is
    battle proven.

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    Deciding between a Taurus vs Glock for self defense.... kind of like deciding between a Yugo hatchback vs a Toyota Landcruiser to cross a desert

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