I Got A Stainless Steel Steal on a P99 AFS

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      I Got A Stainless Steel Steal on a P99 AFS

      I may be a convert.

      I had a problem with a Taurus 22. I hated them for a
      long time. I still had a few reservations, but, today, I
      had a chance to buy a not even broken in good Taurus
      P99 AFS for $300.00. It still has the warranty card and
      is just 6 months old.

      I told him I never paid more than $300 for a gun. I guess
      he was desperate for the money, because he took it,,,,?

      That scared me a little, but I know who he is,

      I don't think I need to worry.

      I found the pistol to have never been cleaned good, and
      it was dry as a bone. No harm because there is just barely
      enough ware so I can tell where to grease it at. After I
      cleaned and greased it, it racks much more smoothly.

      I shot 50 rounds of the worst and cheapest ammo I could
      find and this pistol shot like a champ. I'm broke, or I would
      have got more,,, lol. It has a nice low recoil and is spot on
      at 50 feet. That's as far as I got.

      Thanks yawl,


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      Congratulations. Safe shooting.

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