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    Quote Originally Posted by Bisley View Post
    I have examined a lot of Taurus guns and fired a few, but have never owned one. As near as I can tell, about half (or more) of all Taurus guns function properly, and about half of all Taurus owners swear by them. This is just my personal experience in my one little part of the world, but it is the best evidence I have available to me for forming an opinion.

    50%, or 60%, or even 85% is just not very reassuring to me, for something to bet my life on. Sure, any gun can fail, and even the very best ones have failed, but when you carry a concealed weapon, you are basically just adding another level of insurance to protect yourself and your family from unforeseen events. I like cheap rates for insurance, but I don't buy it from companies that are known for trying to skirt their obligations.

    A company that has not taken care of its reputation, for decades, simply does not appeal to me, when deciding whose product will help me protect my life. I might feel differently about an individual gun, if I put several hundred rounds through it, and it still passed inspection when field stripped. But, at present, I would rather pay a hundred dollars more for something with a better track record.

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    Well, I just bought a Taurus PT845. I bought it used and got a great deal on it. very low round count.
    I have fired many autos, revolvers, and so on over the years. I heard all the horror stories about Taurus, but at what I paid for it, I had to take a chance. That being said, I have taken it down, very easy to do BTW, cleaned it, fired it, and I haven't fired a weapon in many years. Every round went downrange, hit the target. Very smooth action, very simple pistol. Make a long story short, at 15 yards I had a 2.5 in. group of 10 rounds consistently. Very natural feel, easy to shoot. So for me, I would feel comfortable using this as a CC pistol. The only minor issue I have is that I have been searching for Mags, and holsters for this gun and am having a hard time finding any...any ideas?

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    Yes, I have 3 Taurus pistols (PT 111, PT 140 & PT 101P) and one revolver .357. I keep them clean and not one of them have never failed to respond effectively when called upon.

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    Trust Your Life

    Yes I would trust my life with my Taurus.I have 4 2-PT 92, a 1911 and a 24/7 all perform very well and they all have over a thousand rounds fired through them.As with any gun I own I believe on keeping it clean.I have heard some people say watch what ammo you buy,but I haven't had any problem with any brand.I load most of mine but when and if I find any deals on ammo I buy it, especially 9mm. I have really found some good deals on 9mm.

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    I have owned three new Tauruses. Two were bad right out of the box, a 709 and a PT745. Neither could get through a mag w/o a FTFeed and the PT745 dropped mags. Taurus was unable to fix them, so they were sold.

    That said, my first Taurus was a 24/7 c 45, and it has been perfect for over 600 rounds. It is in my belt carry rotation with a P220, M&P 45 and XD 45, so I guess I do trust the 24/7. However, I was more critical of the pistol, because of the two failures, and it took 500 flawless rounds before I started carrying it. I doubt that I will buy another.

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    Yes. I have a MilPro 9mm. Works first time and every time.

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    No....if you want a cheap 45 or 9mm to go to the range with then get a friend has a 24/7 pro 45 that seems to be ok (albeit it only has 80 rounds thru it) but every other one i've fired, besides his, has either jammed or had a fte problem...another 24/7 9mm, 1911, one of the snub 38's had a screw fall out of it as my buddy was shooting. he sold it to the range we were shooting at....regardless of what i am telling you, you have to look at track records...tauruses have been known to be cheap, one time use throw aways through out the years...if you want to buy a piece that you can trust to go boom every time you pull the trigger your'e going to have to go with a company that has proven themselves (i.e. S&W, Glock, Ruger, Sig etc) these maybe at tad more expensive but as the old cliche goes "you get what you pay for"...personally i carry a Ruger p95 9mm...look it up...this gun doesn't have failures...and yea it sits on my nightstand then goes on my hip when i leave...also the p90 45 is another "built like a tank" piece from them...look around and save a little money instead of picking up a taurus just because you can get a compact 45 for 350$...

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