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    Taurus 24/7 OSS 40S&W Ammo

    Just wondering what you folks are using for Personal Defense Ammo w/ your 24/7?

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    Mine is a .45 and I am using the Winchester Ranger 230 SXT. Feeds and functions great. In my .40's, Glock and BHP, I use the 165 Gold Dot.

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    When the gun isn't in Florida being fixed (twice in less than a year) I use a hand load that I worked up.

    Speer nickel brass
    180gr Hornady XTP bullet
    5.5gr of Hodgon Universal powder
    Federal small pistol magnum primer
    Getting around 1000fps and very low muzzle flash

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    When I was in LE, I saw a LEO double-tap a BG, COM [self defense] with a Glock 22 [.40 S&W 165gr JHP] at a range of about 6 ft. The bullets came out the back of the BG with a big mess of vegetable soup.
    A real lesson in the effectiveness of the big bore .40 cal as the BG was meat before he hit the concrete shoulder of the road.

    I belonged to a LE forum for many years, but decided I'd rather be in mixed company... so I'm trying this forum.
    I looked at the 24/7 OSS, but research told me there were many folks unhappy with it, so I got a different Taurus, that was also trashed by I-net 'reviews'... and LOVE IT.

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