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    Taurus Mod 942 SS .22 Magnum - Questions

    I haven't owned a .22 handgun for a long time now and I am considering buying one for plinking when I go for walks in the desert. Years ago, I had a S&W but I'm not sure of the model number now. I think is was a model 64 blue steel but that's just a guess. Anyway, the only S&W I can find are all alloy now days, so I'm looking hard at the Taurus Model 941 - 8 shot .22 mag in SS with a 4" barrel. I have found a few articles and they all speak highly about it's qualities.

    Is there anyone out on this forum that owns one or has experience with one. Any input will be appreciated.

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    My dad just bought one the other day (941SSUL 2") and it seems to be a "good" gun except that the trigger pull is extremely heavy. Some models have an adjustment for that but this one does not and it must be at least 8-10lbs. I think that it has the heaviest trigger that I have ever seen on any pistol. I didn't have a guage with me but it was heavy. Probably needs a gun smith to look at it.

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    Taurus 22 mag

    I purchased one for my wife 2" barrel stainless steel. Nice looking gun, to bad she never had a chance to shoot it.

    After I purchased it I went to the range anxiously wanting to shoot this thing. I have owned 4 other Taurus guns and have never had a problem whatsoever.

    Anyway at the range, I had many problems, cylinder would bind up every 3-4th shot, bullets seemed to be going thru the target sideways??? Trigger pull was terrible in single or double action.

    So I sent it back to Taurus explaining what the problem was, they returned it in about 5 weeks with a test target and explained what the problem was, so I went to the range to shoot again.

    I could not even fire the first shot, loaded the gun, and could not pull the hammer back, nothing.

    At this point I was done with this gun, so I got rid of it.

    I have read similar experiences with Taurus, so my opinion is go buy a Ruger single action or a semi auto target pistol from ruger also.

    Walther makes a p22 that is lightweight and fun and reliable.

    Good luck.

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