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    I always thought that Taurus did like they always do and copy another design. I was on their website and noticed the only PT22 they make is DAO. Has this always been true, I thought they came in DA/SA. I was looking for a cheaper alternative for the Beretta Bobcat.

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    No - Beretta makes a DA/SA little 22.

    I bought a PT22 when they first came out in the 1990s. Had to send it back after the 1st range trip - but worked 100% after that for years.

    I sold it to my mom, but then she got a Bersa 380, and I helped her sell it.

    It's not really a good gun. The trigger is so heavy that you can't aim it well - it's not a good target gun. And because of the caliber - it doesn't make a good defensive gun.

    32 is the minimum for defense, and that is pushing it (I do have a Keltec 32)

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