Add one more to the family :)
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    Add one more to the family :)

    I showed the pistol to my wife this morning, she said it was a cute little thing... but it didn't look like something I would enjoy shooting. So I took that as a "NO, you can't have it. Little did I know she went back to the shop and purchased the "cute little thing" for me and slipped it to me as desert after supper! Gotta love a woman that loves guns

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    Thumbs up Keepers..

    Good looking litte pistol you got there Draeger. Looks like it will do a fine job for packing. Besure and let us know how it shoots. Now don't forget to get that great lady of yours a nice little present. The special ladys we have are far and few between. Good luck with your gun.

    Best Baldy.

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