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Thread: Pistol lubricants

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    Smile Pistol lubricants

    Yes, I'm new so bear with me.

    I'd like to read pros and cons about using graphite for a gun lubricant

    My pros:
    It's slick and dry.
    It won't gum up with burnt powder.
    It won't evaporate or thin out with heat.
    It won't drain or migrate.
    It won't wear out.
    A five-cent pencil should last a lifetime.

    My cons:
    It won't cushion a blow.
    It won't penetrate.
    Will it preserve?

    Where should it be used?
    Where should it not be used?

    Talk to me.

    Ancient airman

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    I would suggest these alternatives that are made specifically for weapon lubrication.

    Militec – 1
    Steel Shield's Weapon's Shield
    Lucas Oil
    Hoppe's #9
    M-Pro 7
    Break-Free CLP

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    graphite - great for pine-wood derby.

    Firearms.... I don't think it does well with heat and burning stuff.

    It seems to me I'm cleaning graphite off my guns [burnt powder] and particle fouling is not a good thing.
    Am I right that to get good lubrication, you need a thicker amount of graphite? That will cause problems on higher tolerance firearms.

    Besides, I don't see the graphite motor oils anymore, maybe because its difficult to tell dirt from that kind of lubricant.

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    Graphite is a very good lubricant.
    But, it readily falls off. It doesn't remain in place.
    That's why it was commonly mixed with oil or grease, "back in the day."
    Also, back then, it was found that Molybdenum disulfide, also in grease, worked better than did graphite.

    Don't use a pencil "lead." That isn't pure graphite.
    Pencil "lead" contains quite a lot of powdered clay, which is an abrasive.

    Modern lubricants tend to use Teflon, instead of graphite.
    Some of those formulŠ work pretty well indeed.

    In my mind, guns need pretty constant attention. I therefore suggest that you won't do well, using a "permanent" lubricant.
    I use only simple oil, except on my Garand (which needs Moly grease). I recommend Ballistol, but anything, including old-fashion 3-in-1, will do the job.

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    Break-Free is all you need.

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    gorgo331 is online now Junior Member
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    Ballistol, Hoppes #9 and Tetra grease work fine on all my firearms.
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    Frog lube

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    US made Ruger, Springfield, Remington: ..... Frog lube

    Euro Beretta, SigSauer, CZ: ..... Hoppes gun oil

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    Hoppes #9 for cleaning, and CLP/RemOil for lube. Seriously, there are a ton of decent cleaning/lube products out there that do a good job, but don't use graphite on your weapon.

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    I have been happy with shooters choice products, solvent and oil. There are many great products dedicated to clean lube your gun. I wouldn't use graphite.

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