Target Positioning
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    Target Positioning

    Ok I've been away from target shooting for several decades. I've recently returned and quickly realized how much I've missed it. Among the firearms that I've purchased of late is the IWI Jericho 941R. What a fine handgun it is. My target groups are really good except for the fact that I seem to be pulling left when I shoot. My group is tight but to the left of the bullseye every time. I'm aiming dead center but to no avail. Is it me or the Jericho? Personally, I feel that it has entirely to do with me and two handed shooting. Comments please......

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    If your groups are consistent and tight then it is likely your sights are off and not you....

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    What about other guns,do you hit POA with them?If so it's the sights,if POI is a common pattern it's you.Left of POA would suggest you don't have enough finger on the trigger if you're right handed,or too much finger left handed.DA/SA guns can to do that to rt handed people because the trigger is so far foward,and when it gets to SA you're more on the tip of your finger than the pad.

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