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    XD9 Service

    I decided I am going to purchase a XD9 Service for both CC and Target practice. These are the 4 versions I am considering and I really don't even know what a Slant Pro is. Also what version do you suggest for my intended uses?

    XD9MM Black
    XD9mm Black Trijicon Night Sights
    XD9mm Bi-Tone
    XD9mm Heinie Tritium Slant Pro with Night Sights

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    The black is an all black pistol. The bi-tone has a shiny slide and a black frame.

    This article shows a picture of an XD with the Heine sights. Personally, I like the standard sights.

    Trijicon night sights are the glow in the dark ones.

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    Since you have decided to go with the 9mm version, just a suggestion, but you should consider going with the Sub-Compact instead of the Service model since you plan on carrying it as well. With the extended magazine that comes with the sub-compact, it's exactly the same as the Service model (*except for the slightly shorter barrel). This was, the sub-compact will make things easier on you for carrying.

    I have a .45 Service and a 9mm Sub-Compact myself. Great guns!

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    I prefer all black for CC. If your shirt rides up, or your jacket blows back exposing your gun, black just is not as noticable as a shiny gun.

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    I like the Service model, feels good in my hand. I have an XD45 in the Service model and my next purchase is an XD9 Service. I like the tru glo sights for my XD45, from now on they are going to be on all my pistols, I really like them. I don't think you can go wrong with any XD model.

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