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    Lets Talk About Springfield XDs

    I want to make it clear that I do not own a XD. Why? I hold a grudge towards Springfield Armory. How, so? I remember when the Croat pistols sold for $249 and I was busy buying other handguns. I am now very sorry that there is this gap in my collection.

    I have fired a whole bunch of XDs and they have all shot well for me. These include the 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45Gap. I liked each and every one of the XDs I shot. I like the grip and I also like the trigger on these Springers.

    Let me know your opinion of the Croat. Thanks and



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    The only XD that I have shot is the .45tac. That thing felt like a big brick the first time I drawed it up to fire. I didn't think it was ever going to run out of ammo. After a few mags I really started to like it. I think it's a great platform even if people say it's a Glock copy. Guess I'd like a Glock too but I have never shot one. Been thinking about a 9mm Compack maybe one day.

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    The XD is reliable and has a comfortable grip, but the bore axis is high and the trigger reset rather long.
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    Works for me...

    When I decided to begin USPSA competition I was set up for my Sig. One day (after plenty of research) I decided to jump in the deep end and purchased a Tactical XD. Before the matches began, I sent it away for a trigger job and new sights. Well, it is definately a speed shooting handgun. Very reliable, accurate and it fits my hands. I'm happy with my choice, because in my class, the majority of shooters are using Glock or XD's.

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    I'm very happy with mine (XD-.45 Service).

    I've tried it along side Glocks, and Smith and Wessons, and a few others, and it just has a better feel in my hand.

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    I'll go ahead and jump in but you should know that my XD is the only handgun I've ever owned. I've fired the Military Barretta 9mm, and a number of other revolvers growing up, but my XD-40 Sub is the only one I've used more than once.

    I really like it so far, and everyone I've spoken to who've had others as well as an XD have always stated that it is a great, durable, handgun, well suited for Home/Self defense. I have the sub because it was originally for my wife to conceal in her purse. I would likely have purchased the 4" version since my hands are a bit bigger than the grip on the sub. I do however have a 12rd mag with the extension and that feels much better in my hands.

    I've only fired about 300 rounds through it but it's very accurate right out of the box. I did experience one issue at the range where the slide didn't close even though I had rounds in the clip.

    I've seen posts indicating that it may take about a 1000 rounds or so for the mechanics to really settle in and work nearly flawlessly.
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    I like my XD .45 ACP Tactical quite a lot. It has good ergos, doesn't feel too large to my hands as it does with some, well made and durable, accurate and I love the 13 +1 capacity. I'll be getting a 2nd XD Tactical at some point but the next one will be in 9mm.

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    I currently have an XD9 Tact and an XD45 Tact. Both shoot as intended and work great. I've shot both in USPSA matches and done well.
    I have two 16 rd 9mm mags with Arrendondo extensions on them. They hold 21 rounds, as I recall, I haven't shot the XD9 for a while. Great fun for Limited minor.

    They are great pistols.


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    I don't care for the way they feel in my hand. The recoil is good though. Just not real comfortable grip for me.

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    Just traded my S&W .44Mag for a XD45...

    I shot:
    Glock 21 and 21SF

    The XD printed a 50% smaller group. <2" ten shots at 20ft offhand, first time I shot it. Very managable recoil and natural pointing.

    The Glock 21 felt huge in my LARGE hands. Not comfortable, and I hate the glock field stripping system... Less perceived recoil, but didn't point as well.

    The HK just felt... "plasticy"... yeah, I know, they're ALL plastic... but the HK felt cheaper, and not as well put together, and in my hands, more muzzle flip. Besides, I hate thumb safeties. Too many moving parts...

    Bottom line... I bought the XD.

    Three magazines. 40 rounds of .45ACP firepower!!! Between 14 in the gun, and 2 spare 13 round mags... Quick to point, stayed on target naturally between squeezes, smooth, and very accurate.

    Happy Jeff!

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    TerryP Guest
    Jeff Quinn likes it:

    I've been thinking about a plastic 45 ACP so I'll give it consideration along with the M&P and P345. It looks like accuracy is excellent with the XD which is always a big plus.

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    I've got the .45 tactical and it's great. 5000 rounds no problems. I like the high capacity mags and the feel of the gun.

    It's my night stand pistol.

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    Xdm 40

    I have had my XDM 40 for a year now. I love it. It is the most accurate gun I have shot - better than the Glock and Barretta I shot and compared. The only downside is that it is too big for CC. I am getting a Ruger LCP 380 for that.

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    i carry either a sig 229 or xd 4 inch service. both have .40 as well as .357 sig barrels. both are outstaning shooters in either caliber.

    that being said, of the 2 i prefer the 229 in .357 sig and then .40 slightly over the xd in either caliber. to me the 229 is just better balanced. nothing wrong with the balance of the xd. it is just a feel.

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    You are correct that the XDs and the HS2000s before them are great guns.
    I have both and they are excellent products. Like you I had a beef with a gun maker, not Springfield but Glock. The reason was not price, but hype.
    It would be great to still be able to get the XDs at the same price that the HSs came out at but that was a long time back and all gun prices have gone up. So really price should not be a factor. Quality should though. And the XDs are that.

    For me and Glocks. I now regret having the attitude toward them, A few years back I found out first hand that Glocks are in fact fine guns. Not worth the hype they are given for sure, but for the price they are IMO better than average.

    Do yourself a favor, if you like them (XDs), go ahead and buy one. It will be a purchase you will be happy with for years to come.

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    .45 ACP Service (4 inch barrel)

    I have the .45ACP Service and really like it. A lot of people don't like the trigger on it, but when I think about the entire design of the pistol, it seems appropriate. It isn't as sharp a trigger break as the Glocks I've shot, but it is pretty well balanced as far as pre travel, break and reset. I read a lot about the high bore axis, but somehow it stays on target very easily, even with 230 grain load. The recoil seems noticeably less that many of the Glocks friends have, and this is coming from them after they've shot the XD. I have had converts to the XD, without saying a word. It is reliable, with about 3K rounds fired, I have not had any FTF's or FTE's. I added an inexpensive slip-on rubber grip, more to standardize my grip than to alter the size or anything and I have had great results. It is a double stack, so it is probably better suited for big hands, but I have seen a friend with fairly small hand shoot very well with it. I've heard Springfield's Customer Service is very good - I haven't had need for it, but if I do, I'll post the results. I don't know what they are going for now, but when I bought mine in 2008 I paid just under $600.00 otd - but that is in California where every handgun seems to run $50 to $100 more than elsewhere. I don't usually recommend them, I just let friends try mine. That seems to do the trick.

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    The XD is a great platform

    I own the XD 9sc as well as the 45c. to round it off i just got a hold of an xdm 9mm 4.5in. All my xd's run perfect and seem to be more accurate for me. As far as the trigger well after 500 or so rounds it will smooth out. Good luck.

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    I shoot a 40 subcompact xd, thousands of rounds, the trigger pull needs getting used to b/c it is rather long but with practice is no longer an issue. Pistol performs flawlessly but weight is too heavy for conceal carry unless u are in colder climate. I will purchase a 380 , less than half the weight, for conceal carry when next in NV my state of residence.

    Shoot what u carry and carry what u shoot.

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    Thumbs up

    I have an XD .45 Tactical. Handles very nice. Good follow up shots on rapid fire.

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    I've got an XD40 Compact (4inch barrel) and I'm very happy with it. I used to have a Glock 22 and got rid of that to buy a Glock 23. I ended up going with the XD40 because of the slimmer handle and the lifetime warranty.

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